FreeCAD | Industry Standard Version on CentOS 8

Today we started some first activities to launch a stable and customized FreeCAD version for the industry in 2020. This is the first package for our long-term project < Libre-VE-ToolBox >. It’s being build from scratch with all the pain, difficulties and lessons learned!

What exactly do we mean by that:

  • we thinking about to tidy-out some irrelevant Workbenches and focus more on basic functions that are required to perform some simple 3D operations. Some people see it as a kind of a “Swiss Army Knife” or an “all-in-one device suitable for every purpose”
  • so, a tailored version for simple mechanical design, engineering and CAE simulation preparation tasks might be very useful
  • how to implement FreeCAD in big companies is the other question. Based on my own experience, the biggest obstacle might be the needed implementation/certification process and to find some free resources or volunteers to manage the communication to the community outside of the company
  • all these means to make FreeCAD more lean, smart and more attractive for the industry

There is a very interesting contribution from Frank Wiles about how to “Using Open Source in Business”. Worth to mention are also the instructions from Chris Aniszczyk about “How to start an open source program in your company”. And from the perspective of a company, I strongly recommend to invest some more time and consider to establish an Open Source Programs Office.